Linking a heading to a merge tag in notifications

Hi Team

We have Gravity forms on our site, which has been supplied by our web developer and we have taken over the management of.

I am keen to use some methodology of showing/hiding a heading if the merge tag is empty or not in my notifications - I appreciate I could do this via conditional logic, but would entail me having many different versions of the same thing.

Can I with Gravity Forms native, or with the assistance of an addon put a heading along with a merge field so to display such as, but if the merge tag is null/blank then it does not display the heading

Name: {{merge tag}}

I foresee this being used in a prepend or an if statement situation, but could be barking up the wrong tree

We have a number of fields we collect information but they are not relative to each submission and trying to put together a solution which does not involve 10 different notifications for the same thing, if at all possible

Many thanks in advance

Have you looked at conditional shortcodes?

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