Space above notification text

Hi! I created an HTML notification. When I receive a notification all the message looks fine …but I have several “blank lines” above the first line of the text.

There is a way to remove them?

Many thanks, ciao!

Hi Agostino,
It looks like you may have some extra space above your text. To check, try switching to text mode and see if any blank <p>, <h1>, <h2> or <br> tags have been added. If so, remove them.

I hope that helps. Please let me know how it goes!

Hi Faisal! Many thanks for your reply.

Searching in Google I saw that this problem is not new.

I created a brand-new form, here some more screenshots…

That is a big weird blank space… The problem disappears unchecking Disable auto-formatting but I wish use my way to receive the email.

Many thanks for your help!

Hi Agostino. If the spacing or HTML to add spacing is not present in your notification, then something else is adding it. It could be a conflict with other software on your site (theme or plugin) or one of the mail servers could be adding it (most likely the sending server, not the inbound server.) I recommend first checking for theme and plugin conflicts using these steps:

Let us know if you need any additional help. Thank you.

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