When User Cancels PayPal (Standard) Transaction the Form Entry shows "Processing"


So I’ve been explicitly testing a PayPal scenario wherein a user…

  1. Initiates a (PayPal Standard) payment by clicking the form’s “Submit” button
  2. The user is then sent to PayPal (sandbox in this case)
  3. The user logs into PayPal as though they are ready to select a payment type and complete the transaction.
  4. But instead of completing the transaction, the user realizes s/he needs to check his/her balance first (or …whatever), so user clicks the “Cancel and return to John Doe’s Test Store” link on the PayPal page, which sends the user to my pre-configured “transaction cancelled” page.
  5. However, the form entry for that transaction shows “processing” …apparently forever.
  6. Now say the user checks his/her balance and is now ready to complete the transaction and so goes back to the form, and this time completes the payment transaction.
  7. Now I have another entry for that user showing a paid transaction, such that there are now two entries for that user: [a] Processing and [b] Paid.

This could cause all sorts of issues with reporting, etc. So…

  1. Is there any filter or hook for user initiated cancelled PayPal (Standard) transactions?
  2. Otherwise, should I dynamically delete the entry for user initiated cancelled PayPal (Standard) transaction?
  3. Are there any established “best practices” for this scenario?

Please advise, thanks,


Yes, delete the entry that is stuck on Processing once you have a paid entry. You will always have an entry marked Processing, when the form is submitted. If the visitor does not complete the payment, the entry remains with a payment status Processing forever.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for replying.

OK so I will delete those entries. I’m gonna try to hook into a completed payment and check for any previous entries rather than doing it by hand.

Update: hooking in seems like a lot of overhead for an edge case so …maybe not. still evaluating.

Thanks again,

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