Prevent Entry Until Payment Completed

I know it is possible to prevent the notification “event” until a payment is completed.

However, is it possible to trigger to prevent an entry from being created until the payment is completed?



Hi Antar,

Which payment add-on are you using?

Hi, Chris -

Just PayPal standard.


This is how the PayPal Standard process works:

1 - The user completes and submits the form.
2 - The entry is created and marked as processing.
3 - The user is taken to the PayPal site to complete payment.
4 - The PayPal IPN contacts your site with the transaction status, the entry is located and updated with the transaction details from the IPN message.
5 - If payment was successful, any delayed notifications and add-on feeds will then be processed.

If the user abandons PayPal without paying or if the PayPal IPN can’t contact your site or if the PayPal account email address in the IPN doesn’t match the PayPal account email address on the feed in the Form Settings > PayPal area, then the entry remains marked as processing.

If you need a different workflow, you’ll need to use a different payment add-on, like PayPal Checkout.

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