What are the scores in the Survey Add-on for rank?

Hi. I am using the Rank option in a GF Survey add-on, and cannot find documentation for how it converts ranking to its score. Does anyone know how it allocates points?

thank you!

Hello @baldarab - after some testing, it looks like this is how the rank converts to a score. If you have five options, each one received one point for each ‘position’ it was submitted in. In your submission then, option 1 gets one point; option 2, two points; option 3, three points, etc.

Then, upon the next submission, the same thing happens, and if you reordered the choices and submitted, new values would be added to the aggregate score. If you test this and view the Survey results after each submission, you should be able to see how this works. I hope that answers your question. If you have a specific application you’re inquiring about, please let me know.