Survey Rank Score - Top 3 Only

I have a form where I am using the survey add on and the Rank field type for all of the questions. Most of my questions have more than 3 items that the visitor needs to rank. If possible, I would only like to score the top 3 choices from each response that it is submitted. Right now, as users are submitting their responses it is factoring in every weighted score and is skewing the top 3 results because of it. On the questions where there are only 3 choices it is working just fine.

So my question again, is it possible to limit the scoring to the top 3 choices only? Maybe a function that could be put in place to do this… or some other way?


Was able to get someone to help me out on upwork but it’s only a temporary solution, I submitted a feature request and hopefully we can see something like this implemented in a future version.