Voting system adding points

I am looking for solution how to make the voting.

I have 10 candidates. Voter can add points to 5 candidates. The voter assigns points to the candidates. First gets 5 points, 2nd 4 pts, 3rd 3 pts, 4th - 2pts , 5th - 1. Rest nothing.

Any ideas how can I make it.

There’s no built-in field type matching exactly that use case description, but you could try using a Survey field set to “Likert” field type with scoring and multiple rows enabled.

Thank you Samuel. Do you have idea how to let voter vote only once in each column?
here is sample
So 3 points only for one speaker from all. Same for 2 and 1 points

Sorry Blazej, but doing so is not a feature of Gravity Forms, and I’m not aware of any ready to use alternative solution for your use case. I would recommend you to post in the Job Board category.