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It would be great if you could add a couple of options when using the rank field. We recently ran a big survey where some of the questions had up to 20 different choices and the users were instructed to choose their top 3. It would be great if there was an option when using the Survey Rank field if you could tell how many of the results to score on the Results, for example only score the top 3.

Second, and an even better option I think, it would be awesome if we had the option to make it so instead of dragging the options into the order you want them if we could split it up and drag them to a box on the right or a box above (similar to what you do when you’re building the form except you drag to the left) and then only score the ones that have been placed in the empty box.

I hope that all makes sense and really hope to see this addition! Thanks!

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I’ll add that as a feature request.

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Thanks, Chris. This will be a once a year survey for my client and I am really hoping for this functionality!

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Hey! Just had a meeting with my client about things they’d like to see work better for next year’s voting. Do you anticipate that this request will make it in an upcoming release? Soon?

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