Survey Add On (Ranking) Not Working [RESOLVED]

We’ve set up a Comprehensive Survey on our website using Gravity Forms and the Survey Add On. For one of the questions, we ask individuals to rank certain items. However, when doing tests, these items don’t get submitted ranked. How do we fix this?

Hi Sarah. The best place for an issue like this is with a support ticket:

Thank you.

Hi Chris,
Unfortunately our license is through our website developer and we aren’t able to submit a support ticket. Any advice in the meantime on how to fix this issue would be very helpful!

Hi Sarah. In that case, can you please export the form and send the json file to

You can see how to export a form here: Exporting a Form - Gravity Forms Documentation

Thank you.

Fixed it! Apparently the values that were automatically generated disappeared. Creating a new rank field filled the grank value and subsequently fixed the form!

Thanks for the update, Sarah.