What actually happens when you revoke a site?

Hi Folks,
What happens when i revoke a site? Does the form simply not show on a site? Does the submit button not work? Does the new admin of the site still see what I have built and how it is constructed? This means they can simply buy a new licence and continue to use my form …



From the documentation:

When a site is revoked from a Gravity Forms license, the license key will be rejected on attempted registrations. It will continue to run but will no longer have access to any active features like automatic updates, just as if the license had expired. See this guide on license expiry for more information.

So the forms will continue to function for as long as the installed version is compatible with the installed version of WordPress. The plugin won’t be able to update and they won’t be able to install new add-ons via the Forms > Add-Ons page.

I was hoping the forms would have been deactivated and they could not be used :frowning:

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