If you clone your site is the license still activated?

Hi everyone,

I just want to know if you clone a website which has a developer license on it which is activated is the license still activated on the cloned site?

And if its not will a form still work without a license? Or will it stop functioning properly?

Many thanks

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I clone all the time and I stays active.

Hi Greg,

Thanks very much for your feedback.

The issue I am having is that the Add to Cart button/Submit button on the form which should take the user to the Cart page is not working. It does not take the user anywhere at all. The other plugin I have installed is Woocommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-ons which has also been cloned to the new site. Could this be the culprit? On the cloned site this also looks like its successfully installed and activated but still the Add to Cart button does not work.

I would welcome your advice on this matter.

The license activation or presence of a Gravity Forms license on the site will not affect whether or not the “Add to cart” button works. If it does not work, and everything is up to date, the issue is most likely a conflict with another script on the site. You can use these steps to check for conflicts that may be affecting this site:

I know you said the site was cloned, so it should be identical, but the add to cart button is not working, so something about the new setup is different.

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