Very helpful GravityForms, you closed my unsolved ticket and forum post

So the story… I am a basic member and trying to upgrade to elite, I am having issues, the upgrade button doesn’t work.

I have tried 5 browsers (including mobile), same issue. I logged in via Browser Stack on a remote, real device, same issue.

I debugged and see this: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

Could that be the issue?

The annyoying thing is that the people behind GravityForms decided to close my support ticket, so after a lengthy, what I thought might be a helpful email to them, I get an autoresponder to say this ticket it closed. I come on these forums and see my post is closed.

Bear in mind I’m a customer who is WANTING TO UPGRADE, I mean seriously!!!

Thank you for sharing the information. I closed your previous forum post because this is not the right place to get support with a license upgrade issue, and you had alrready opened a support ticket and notified us on Twitter. If you share the ticket number here I’ll look into it. If anyone else is experiencing an issue upgrading their license, please feel free to add to the conversation here.

There seems to be nowhere in the account area / support area to view open / closed tickets, the ticket number is also not in the email.

Can you not grab the ticket based on my email?

I’ve never had to work so hard when spending my hard earned money.

I’ve given up on this. Amazing to think that I am trying to upgrade my account and give you guys my hard earned cash.

Oh well, I’ve gone elsewhere due to the amazingly poor support!!!

Some clarifications. We did not close your support ticket. We have your latest two replies.

There is currently nowhere in the support area to view open/closed or submitted tickets. This is something we’re planning on changing, so that you can view your submitted tickets.

The ticket number should have been in the original automated response. In any event, I have found the ticket and will reply there now. I’ll leave this open in case you would like to add more public comment.