Version 2.6.6 upgrade cause duplicate queries and result into slowness

We have upgraded our plugin to 2.6.6 yesterday and now each page has lots of duplicate queries being fired. We are using all gravity form addons and license versions. On page load it fire around 7500 queries

SELECT * FROM gf_addon_feed WHERE addon_slug=‘gravityformsstripe’ AND form_id=XXX ORDER BY feed_order , id ASC;

Please fix it asap or update us how to downgrade it.

I have used query monitor tool and its showing those duplicate queries.

Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Add-On
Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On

These two plugins with gravity form 2.6.6 upgrade break it.
I have tried disabling it and we are not facing any slowness issue.

Hello Kaushal. Please open a support ticket for this issue so that we can investigate:

Thank you.

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