Repeated slow queries when loading Gravity Flow inbox page (large dataset)

Hi team,
I’ve been bothered by the duplicated slow query issue with loading my Gravity Flow inbox page in the frontend. Everytime I load this page, the MySQL CPU usage will spike drastically. Here’s the slow query in the slow log:

# Query_time: 8.089838  Lock_time: 0.000002 Rows_sent: 24  Rows_examined: 6193762
SET timestamp=1668565601;
SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS DISTINCT `t1`.`id` FROM `if_gf_entry` AS `t1` LEFT JOIN `if_gf_entry_meta` AS `m2` ON (`m2`.`entry_id` = `t1`.`id` AND `m2`.`meta_key` = 'workflow_user_id_172') LEFT JOIN `if_gf_entry_meta` AS `m3` ON (`m3`.`entry_id` = `t1`.`id` AND `m3`.`meta_key` = 'workflow_role_administrator') LEFT JOIN `if_gf_entry_meta` AS `m4` ON (`m4`.`entry_id` = `t1`.`id` AND `m4`.`meta_key` = 'workflow_role_order_administrator') WHERE (`t1`.`form_id` IN (1) AND (`t1`.`status` = 'active' AND ((`m2`.`meta_key` = 'workflow_user_id_172' AND `m2`.`meta_value` = 'pending') OR (`m3`.`meta_key` = 'workflow_role_administrator' AND `m3`.`meta_value` = 'pending') OR (`m4`.`meta_key` = 'workflow_role_order_administrator' AND `m4`.`meta_value` = 'pending')))) ORDER BY `t1`.`id` DESC LIMIT 999999;

As you can see the rows_examined is enormous, and the query_time is taking 8s, sometimes over 10-15s, the site admins open this page many times a day, such slow queries are unbearable for a production site. Is there a way to optimize this query and increase efficiency? Thanks a lot!

Hi Michael. I recommend reporting this issue to Gravity Flow support:

Thank you.

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