Gravity forms creating slow queries which are bottle necking my site and degrading performance

Hey there. I run a fairly large company website running woocommerce that uses gravity forms in relation to orders. I am noticing queries ranging from 5-10 seconds to complete and I am on google C2. Any advice? these queries have caused 502s

I often have the same problem, so I sympathize. What other Gravity related plugins are you running?

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You’ll likely be running the 3rd party WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product add-on to link Gravity Forms and WooCommerce. If so, you’ll want to report the slow queries to the author, so they are made aware of the problem. You can document the slow queries using one of the methods listed in this article: Finding and Fixing Slow WordPress Database Queries | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks

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Hi Jake, thanks for getting back to me. Believe it or not, that isn’t one we use

Hi Craig,

Thanks for clarifying. I’m only aware of the Woo GF Product add-on. Perhaps you could provide details about how you are integrating WooCommerce and Gravity Forms together?

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