Wp-admin page slowdown issue

After updating to latest ver of gravity forms ( in the latest ver of wp, all of my pages in wp-admin load very slow, not just the form pages. About 5-6 sec loading without add-ons, and 10-12 sec with add-ons. Anyone experiencing this issue?

Hello Hariz. I have not heard reports of this and am not experiencing it myself, but I will leave this open in case others have a similar experience.

I recommend using a plugin like Query Monitor to see if you can spot any performance issues with that: https://wordpress.org/plugins/query-monitor/

What’s happening is with every plugin added the number of queries shown in the QueryMonitor grows by hundreds. And it seems the same set of queries run in the loop (see screenshots below)

Hi Hariz. I recommend opening a support ticket for your issue:

Thank you.

Here is a screenshot of my query report, this was running the latest gform plugin, the page loads like normal at first, after a few moments, it starts to slow down every page. The issue was there are 22 HTTP API Calls, each calls takes 0.7 sec to load. I even deactivated all plugins, except gforms, and the page still loads very slow with those HTTP API Calls.

But when I revert to older version 2.4.11, the page loads like normal without any HTTP API Calls.

22 HTTP API Calls in ver - Every page loads around 15-16 secs

0 HTTP API Calls in ver - Page loads like normal

I’m having the same issue that it makes so many HTTP API Calls, did you get any solution, please share.

Hi David. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue if you have not already:

Thank you.

Hello, so anny solution was found for speeding up forms? I have the ame isue, on mobile long form which is splited to a pages loading 20 seconds it is terrible

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