Upgrade Version 2.0 to Version 2.6.1

Hello Team,

we want upgrade our plugin. But when upgraded our gravity plugin to v2.6.1. Then not showing all data from old data table. Because new version created new table for gravity form. We want migrate our all data from old data table (wp_rg) to new data table. (wp_gf). Please tell me how can migrate old plugin data to new plugin.

Hello Mohd. I recommend opening a support ticket to get the correct version of Gravity Forms you need for your upgrade.


Thank you.

We want upgrade our gravity form plugin (Version to Version 2.6.1). When we upgraded our plugin, it got a total of 20 forms and their entries. But we have 51 forms and their entries. (With Trash Form). When we checked in database, we saw that new gravity forms database tables has been created with (gf prefix) and old gravity forms tables showing with (rg prefix). If we activate the old plugin again, then the data starts showing. But when we activate the new plugin, then 20 forms and their entries is shown. All content not auto migrate from old tables to new tables.

WordPress version - 5.9.3.

Please open a support ticket for your issue:


You cannot update directly from to the latest release. You will need to manually update to an interim release, and then automatically to the latest release. Support can help you with the versions you need.

I have same issue and created created ticket but didn’t received any response yet could you please check it once

We replied to your ticket with instructions on May 25 7:25 PM Central. If you still need assistance, please reply to that ticket, or let us know here. Thank you.

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