Migrating forms and data [RESOLVED]

Greetings. Can you explain how one might migrate a form AND data to a new site. We have dozens of forms and hundreds of entries and want to preserve that on the new site.

Additionally, I know I can import/export forms, but… the id of the forms change. That means I will need to find all forms and update their IDs on the new site. Is there a solution for this that will keep me from having to search/replace IDs on all of these forms?

Hi John. Are you creating an all-new site and you want Gravity Forms with all the forms and entries on that site, exactly as it was before? If so, then my recommendation is to migrate the Gravity Forms database tables over. You can use any of the WordPress backup/copy/migration plugins for this purpose, to copy over just the wp_gf_* tables.

Then, when you reinstall the plugin, your existing forms and entries will be present on the new site. You may have to perform a search and replace on the tables to change any URLs from old to new, but after that, you should be all set.

Will this method work for you?

I will give that shot. I was planning to go form by form, skipping those we did not want to convert. But, I can just migrate them all useing the tables approach you suggest, and then delete the ones that we no longer use. THANKS

I’ll leave this open in case you want to add more comments or your results after you complete the migration. Thank you.

So, it is not working for me. My WordPress instance is hosted by a company that offers no cpanel, PHPMy admin, FTP access, or other means of directly accessing the database or files (one reason we are migrating away). Thus, a plugin is the only way to go. All the plugins try to access the entire WordPress core. In our case, that times out on the server (we cannot adjust timeouts) because the site is huge. If I could just select the gravity forms tables, I am sure we would be good, but I cannot find any tool that will let me select the tables needed.

You can mark this closed. I found WP phpMyAdmin and installed it. It gives you full access to the database and I was able to quickly move the tables.


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