Migrating Old Entries to New Form

Hi all,

I have a bunch of forms on my site and I’m constantly adding and improving things. When I do this, I often duplicate a form and do the new work on the copy so that I don’t break the production form. Is there a “go-to” process for switching to the new form and moving the entries from the old form to the new form?

I thought this would be as simple as Exporting Entries, ensuring field names match, but then realized there is no Import Entries function. Why?

An import function in my mind would allow you to select a form and match the CSV fields to form fields. I realize there are 3rd party plug-ins to do this. Any free ones?

I’m only aware of the third-party add-on:

I’ve heard someone mention that you can use WP All Import, but I’ve not seen that done nor do I know if that requires a paid add-on. I’ll leave this open in case someone has first hand experience with another solution.