Importing form from forminator?

Hi to all, is it possible to import a form from forminator? I am not happy with it and I am planning to move it here, it is a lengthy form. Thanks so much!

Hello. There is no direct import of forms from Forminator in Gravity Forms. However, GravityView has this nifty plugin called “Import Entries”, which can import your CSV of entries from a Forminator export, and at the same time create a Gravity Forms form for you. Here is the plugin:

I recommend taking a look at that. If you have a lot of entries, or a lot of forms or even a few complex forms, I think the price is worth it. That plugin is a standalone and does not require their core GravityView plugin. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Hi! thanks so much for your response. I will look in to it, thanks!!!

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