Importing Fields

Hi all,

Is there any function or plugin that would allow me to upload a .csv file of products into an existing form and have it automatically create the fields inside the form?

The .csv I have have is just 2 columns (Title / Price) but contains around 50 items - too many to manually add. Plus, this list is updated each month - so to be able to drop a new .csv in each month would be handy.

Thanks in advance!

Not a feature of Gravity Forms, but there’s a third-party add-on for bulk-adding of fields maybe the add-on has a filter that would allow you to import your CSV file, I would recommend you to reach the author about it.

Another approach could be adding the fields manually, and create your own custom PHP function to parse the CSV and populate the fields dynamically. You can find some examples of dynamic population in the following links:

That’s great ! Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile: