How to load entries to list type field, after the form has been loaded

Hi, im using the ajax file upload plugin add-on to load a CSV file in the form.
i have a process that reads the file and i would like to add the CSV data to an existing list field type and display the data in the front end.

Im assuming that using this filter with the CSV data will not work since the form has already been loaded:
add_filter( ‘gform_field_value_list’ , ‘populate_list’ );

Is there some way to call this filter or such after the form has loaded to populate the list field with the new values ?Screenshot_83

Can you suggest a way to do this ? perhaps some Ajax call ?

As you found already available filters provided by Gravity Forms are for population of fields before displaying the form. And there are no built-in features for it either.

There’s a third-party add-on allowing population of form fields based on values provided for other fields: Gravity Forms Populate Anything - Gravity Wiz
But I can’t tell you if it could be used to in the scenario described, I would recommend to ask the author about it.

Thanks a lot Samuel !

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