All Forms & Entries Missing After Site Move to New Domain Name [RESOLVED]

Hello wise folks! Working in a development version of a site and the production forms data is missing.

I had my Wordpress site moved (GD to SiteGround). The “new” (development) site is a temporary domain. Now, the problem is that none of my GF forms or entries are showing in Admin or webpage. I’m seeing the error, “Oops! We could not locate your form” on the website.

“OLD” Site:
“NEW” Site:

The new site will have the old site’s domain name once development is complete. In the meantime, I want to update and verify all the GF functionality on the development site.

I found this 11 year old article which seems to identify the problem and solution. However, the proposed solution (META Fix tool?) is no longer available anywhere I can find.

Any ideas how I solve this?

Hello. That tool is no longer available or necessary. It would not fix your issue.

The first thing to do is ensure you have forms and entries in the database in the new development site. Can you see if you have these tables in the new development site, and if they have records in them?



If you used a different database prefix than wp_, please check for the tables with your database prefix.

That’s the first step, to see if the data is in the database. Let us know what you find.

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Thank you, Chris. I feel silly for not checking that first. There is no data in those tables. Clearly the site move they did missed them. I’m going back to my hosting provider for correction as they did the move.

Thanks again. We can close this.