Using GF User Reg with Gravity view cant work due to separate Reg and Update forms [RESOLVED]


I am sure I can’t be the only person seeing this. Yet I can’t seem to find a solution online.

I am using GView add-on to view user registrations.
I am using GF User Registration add on to register users and update their info.

The user reg add on however uses two forms to work. One to register and one to update. Both feed into the WordPress user DB. So in a sense there are three DB with user info. However the WordPress DB is the primary recipient and update of all. The User Reg form and User Update feed are both effectivelly just versions of when the users filled in the form. They dont combine their info, other than update the WordPress user DB. And thus both those form DB’s are outdated user info and cant be used as the user db.

How to view user info with Gravity View then of the updated WordPress user DB. This DB is populated using GF form User Registration forms, feed and technique.

Seems simple…but not. GView links to a form to view entries on the front end. There is even a training video on this. BUT that forms’ info is NOT the updated user info from the WordPress DB. It show the info from when the user registered or updated info.

How can one use GView to view the WordPress user DB or some way to view user info on the frontend comming from the actual users DB.

I have tried various GF plugins but can’t make it work.

Please help if there is a way

Hi Eugene,

When you update an entry with GravityView that is connected to a WordPress User account, GravityView also updates the user account.

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Hi Rafael,

Thanks for the response. But how do you mean update an entry connected to the user account? Which form would show that? Using GF User Reg with its two separate forms. GView uses an form to show info on the front end. But neither those forms are updated with user info.
I use the ‘Registration form’ which in theory shows the user when they registered. So those entries are in that forms DB.
But when a user updates their info using the ‘Update form’ via the User Reg plugin, it updates the WP user database info, but it doesn’t update the ‘Registration form’ entry of that record for when the person registered.

So using the reg form will show old info of when the user registered. If the user in the meantime updated their info, that form wont have the new updates.

Other than using GView to view the registration form that GF User Registration uses, what else can be done to view it then?

Or am I missing something on either which form to view or how the User Registration plugin updates backwards from the WP DB?

ADDITIONAL: Or thinking about it. Must I then not use the User Reg Add-on Update feed to update, but GView’s update feature? So just the GView record update from the registration form. Assuming this form linked to the WP DB will be updated as will the WP DB. So not updating using another form. The User Registration form is then used for registration and updating, via GView functionality?


GravityView doesn’t require the secondary form that contains the Update User feed. Just the first form that has the Create User feed.

GravityView can display those users and allow them to edit their form submissions. When doing that via GravityView, their WP User accounts are also updated.

You really don’t need to use the secondary form that has the Update User feed. Just GravityView connected to your Registration form is enough.


Thanks Rafael,

appreciate it. SOLVED! I got it now. I changed it to only use GView and edit the records of the registration form. Now just to try and get the CSS right that it looks good.

Thanks for the explanation.