User Registration Addon strategy

I’m setting up a Directory System with the User Registration addon and so far, so good. I’ll be using GravityView to display the Directory information on the front end and for the admins to change user info if they need to. But I thought it would be easier for the users to modify their own information with the User Registration addon since the login widget could send them right there and they’d see a simple, familiar form. (NOTE: They have no other privileges or membership or anywhere else to go…it’s only a Directory system).

I set up a second form and feed. And the Login widget. It works fine…except the confusing part is that if I update my information, it changes the main WP Profile information properly, but since it makes a new Entry for the Update Form and doesn’t actually update the original form Entry, to see current information in GF I’d have to check both the original form AND the update form Entries to see which has the current information.

I hope I’m clear and making sense.

I understand what it’s doing but would hope that the original form entry information would update so it was current and there was only one place to look.

Am I missing something or for this do I actually need GravityView for the user to update their information?

Mad Dog

The original form entry is not edited; just the user profile. A new entry is created. If you want the user to be able to update the original entry, try this:

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Thanks. I have installed but haven’t messed with GravityView yet so I need to muck around and get my head around how this will work and test some things. There are four main pieces to this: User Registration (which is GF and working great), User Updating, Admin Editing/Updating, Front-end Display.

Thanks for the help.


I also have this problem that every time someone changes a data in his/her profile, a new entry is created.
In the next version of Registration add-on would it be possible to add the checkbox so that one can decide if several entries are created or only one with the possibility of updating (for profile)? I tried GravityView that works well but it still has some limitations such as it does not yet support multipage or section and other small limitations.

Thank you

I like that idea. I will add the to our list of requested features.

Hi Chris,
I noticed that version “3.9.7 of Registration add-on | 2018-11-30 - Added support for data retention in Gravity Forms 2.4.” has been released.
Is this the case?

Thank you

This is specifically for GDPR. I don’t think that is what you were looking for?

no, unfortunately that’s not what I meant.
Would you please consider including the checkbox option (keep only one upgradeable entry) for the next version of Registration Add-on?

thank you

I’ll add it to our list of requested features.