Admin edit of User Registration Entries on the front end

I have a great setup for users to update user info and some custom user meta on the front end through the User Registration addon. What I can’t figure out is how to enable an Admin to view and edit the users’ entries to that custom meta. The user meta field is stored as a list from the gravity form.
I have tried third party options like gravity view which won’t work for this application. Can someone suggest how to either structure a link or custom code to make it possible for the admin user to view and update those fields on the front end as well?
Thanks and I hope this was clear!

Hi Scott. Please have a look at this topic:

And this filter in particular:

Thanks. I had found that but didn’t know if it applied to my situation. I figured out if pass a unique identifier through the query string, I can make it work. Thanks for the reply.

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