Gravity Form Does not Update Entry

I have created profile Update forms with Gravity forms. The form is used to update user information instead it creates a new entry. Could you Please Help

Hi Sabra. A new entry is created with every form submission. So that part sounds correct. That is separate from any work done with the user record.

Did you create a Feed to update the user with the User Registration Add-On?

Hi Chris,
Yes I did create a feed to update users with User Registration. Is their away of updating a user from a feed without creating a new entry?

No. The entry will always be created. You probably won’t need the entries from your update user form unless you want a way to track updates to the users.

Am displaying clients info on a table and I want only the latest updates to display on the table.

What method are you using to display the client info, and where does that info come from?

I think the only way to do what you are looking for is to use Gravity View. You can let users update their own entries with that add on.

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Am using Gravity View to display my entries.

Thanks @Fahrid. It works using Gravity View.

If you need any more assistance, please let us know, or check with GravityView support. Thank you.