Is this possible? GF + GravityView + members + user reg

Hi! I’m trying to accomplish the following:
-using GF, User Registration and (currently) GravityKit and Members plugin, we created a login form
-we upload users to the db with full profiles
-user logs in, is immediately forced to change their password
-user can view their profile and edit parts of it (not all fields)
-when anything is updated, it triggers an email to db admin

It seems like GravityKit/View is the right solution but I’m having issues making it display as I need it to. Currently working with their support.

My bigger concern is:
-under this set up we need to edit the user creator. I’m not sure I can do this in the db until they log in (as they’re entries then). I know it’s possible on the GF entries but this is not ideal as we’ll have many users and they cannot register.

Maybe I’ve overworked this, but GF seemed like the solution. Is there another that I’m overlooking? Thanks!

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