User Registration v4.2 Issue - Need v4.1 [RESOLVED]

The recent update broke the ability for my users to edit their profiles using GravityView v2.3.2 and the latest v2.4.

I narrowed down the issue to this one plugin (User Registration v4.2).

My site was operational with v4.1. My question, where can I obtain a copy of v4.1 to downgrade?

Older versions are not available for download. I recommend sending a ticket to support and explaining the situation. Thank you.

Restored an old backup with 4.1 but issue persists. Narrowed down to an issue with gravity forms, gravity forms user reg, and gravity view (using latest versions and even the older ones).

Using Gravity Forms + User Reg + Gravity View, cannot allow new user to edit profiles from view (without first updating profile in backend). Humbly requesting assistance to narrow down or solve the issue. Here is a quick 5 minute video screen capture I created on this issue:

This issue exists on my production websites and even on that default installation as video captured.

I have dev. licenses for both Gravity Forms and Views (check for my email address on their servers). Omitted Gravity View license in default install for speed, but even with it activated the issue persists.

Let me know if you need anything else, happy to help. Can do skype anytime. Willing to pay for solution.

I’d recommend contacting GravityView support for this, as it sounds like your issue is with editing profiles in Gravity View.

Thanks for getting back to me.

The issue appears to be with the advanced user registrations plugin.

If I switch the password field to be auto generated instead of allowing the user to set their own this issue does not occur.

Means something is being triggered with auto password that isn’t when I let users set there own passwords.

I’ve reached out to Gravity View Support and await their response.

Any ideas on how to resolve this or further troubleshoot it?

Which user registration plugin are you using?


Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On

Turns out it was an issue with GravityView.

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