Admin View of Gravity Forms is Having Issues

Here is the screenshot:

Since we downloaded the plugin back in May our view of the way Gravity Forms looks on wordpress is incorrect. Woocommerce support has told us that its not right and to contact the developers because something is wrong with the plugin. I have tried to contact Gravity Forms, Chris & Samuel. They cant see what we see when we click on forms to edit or create in wordpress. We have tried using on Google and on Firefox, it doesnt matter which one we go thru, the plugin doesnt look right. It doesnt make any sense but we cant be the only ones with this issue. Does anyone know how to fix this? We would greatly appreciate it. We upgraded to the Elite Service so we could get support and that hasnt helped us.

It is most likely a conflict with other software on your site. Can you post your ticket number here so I can look into the advice we’ve already given?