2.6.1 presenting conflicts with our membership plugin/website

I submitted a support ticket, but no response yet.

I updated our Gravity Forms plugin to 2.6.1 this morning. Suddenly, my website locked up. Only Administrator Users can view or access the website. I can’t Troubleshoot the plugin, because as an administrator, I don’t see the locked website.

I can only view the website as a Subscriber through an incognito web browser window. When I deactivated the Gravity Forms plugin, the Subscriber view went back to normal on the incognito window.

Here’s my problem - we need our Subscribers to be able to access the website AND submit Gravity Forms forms.

Does anyone know where I can get the 2.6 version of Gravity Forms for immediate restoration until we can discover the conflict in Subscriber access?

Hello. I recommend opening a support ticket so that we can investigate. Can you let us know when you submit the ticket (or post here) how many pages, posts, custom posts, etc, you have on the site? We are investigating one specific issue and I wonder if that is related to your issue.


Thank you.

Yes, I opened a support ticket. We were able to go back to Pre 2.6 Release in order to re-establish access for all users. But, whenever I “upgrade” to 2.6, it takes the website back to closed to Viewers and Subscribers, and only users with Administrator role can access it.

This is an old website that needs updating in several areas (including theme), but functionality has come before form. We have 98 pages and 277 posts according to WP Dashboard, and the website uses a membership plugin to control which pages can be accessed by users based on enrollment status.

Hope this helps in your investigation! We are long time users of Gravity Forms, and we hope we can work out these issues for our website soon.

Thanks for the information. I will pass that along to the development team.

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