Finishing/fixing GravityView configuration

I’m in the home stretch but have issues getting this finished.

-It’s using GF, User Registration, GravityKit, and Members plugin -we created a login form and will upload users to the db with full profiles (right now testing with dummy users)

What needs to happen:
-user should be able to view their profile and edit parts of it (not all fields); currently can edit all fields. This seems to be a bug per GV support, but creating new versions of this setup appear to break it even further and display nothing.
-also need to edit user creator on the backend (in db) because we will have hundreds of users and will not be able to do manually.
-Also need to hide dashboard to users and redirect wrong passwords back to the form, not to back end.

Basically, need to fix issues and finish. Thank you!


I would like to assist you.

Having 6+ years of experience.

PM sent, Please check.

Seth R


I would be glad to assist you.

To discuss further in detail kindly reach, me at or Skype me:live:lauren_8606

Looking forward for your response.

Lauren W.

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