User registration and post creation at the same time


I want to present to visitors 1 form that will allow them to register and add a post, how do I do it? I have the elite version of the plugin.

Thank you

You can use a single form for both registration and to create a post. Please see this blog post for setting up the User Registration add-on to register your visitor:

For creating new posts, are you planning on using the Advanced Post Creation Add-On or are your needs more simple, and you will use the built in Post fields in the form builder, without the Advanced Post Creation Add-On?

Thanks Chris,

I am using the addons ( elite) for user registration and post creation. I did the form like I wanted but I also need to allow users to edit their entries on the front end. I bought gravity View for this but the problem is that I have 1 form for user’s data and the post’s how will split the two on the front end? I read about chain forms but the problem is that if I have two forms chained two emails are sent, one for registration and one for post creation.

Any ideas?


Hello. When you say “how will I split the two” what do you mean? You have one form for both registration and post creation, and one entry will be created by that submission. What are you trying to split?