Allowing user to post multiple products (woocommerce) in one form

My client is wanting a form where the user (artist) can post multiple products in one form without having to enter the info about the artist three times.

Author = Artist
Product 1 = Name
Product 1 = Description
Product 1 = Price
Product 2 = Name
Product 2 = Description
Product 2 = Price
Product 3 = Name
Product 3 = Description
Product 3 = Price
SUBMIT (On submit generate three draft products in WooCommerce )

Has any of you done this?


I am coming to the conclusion that I will have to have an Elite license to do this with the Advanced Post Creation Add-On.

Can I add multiple products with one form with that add-on?

Hello, if you want to give this a try, you can spin up a demo site where you can test the Advanced Post Creation add-on with Woocommerce. You can install your own theme and plugins there if you like.

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Thanks, that is great!

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