Multiple form entries paid for with one basket?

Looking for some guidance please.
I maintain a local Agricultural Show / Fayre website which has entry form for each section (horses, horticulture, cattle etc).
Each form has online paypal fee option and is working successfully.

For the next show I am looking for an efficient way to be able to complete multiple forms in different sections and do an “add to basket” type function so multiple entry forms can then be processed and paid for (and a fee added) in one go - to avoid paying a paypal/admin fee for each form.

Is it possible with Woocommerce Product addons maybe?

You need a shopping cart for something like that. I would look at Woocommerce and their Gravity Forms add-on:


Thanks for the reply.
I already have WooCommerce. I did browse the Woocommerce addon but couldnt see entirely it would be able to do this (i.e. submit several forms to basket and pay all at same time).

You would need to check with Woocommerce on that. I suspect it is NOT possible actually. That add-on allows you to use a form in a Woocommerce product. But when that form is submitted, you go to Woocommerce checkout.

You may have to rethink how the cart works along with your Gravity Forms form to collect the additional information not possible in Woocommerce.