Calculating prices as form is filled in

Hi there,

New to Gravity Forms and have a question I have tried to resolve myself with no joy.
I am creating an entry form for a horse show client, as they user is entering various information about the horse, the competition section to enter etc I am looking for a way of tracking entry fees.
So if they add another horse, or enter a horse into multiple categories it would calculate the relevant price cumulatively.
Then on completion they can be presented with a total to pay via PayPal.

Is this actually possible, and if so any guidance on how to achieve it?

Thanks in advance for any assistance at all.
Ricardo Lacombe

It really depends… I’d start with just adding a Product field for the first fee that will be charged and see where that takes you. The PayPal Add-on will allow you to collect payment for the submission.

If you’d like the ability to register multiple, variable cost horses on a single submission, you might be interested in Gravity Forms Nested Forms which works well with Gravity Forms’ Pricing fields.

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