Adding 2 form totals

Is there a way to add 2 forms into 1 form.

Let me explain, My client has an option on form1 when they click the one option they want and the price total is added on the end of the form for them to pay. But they have another product on another form they want to add to the first form but the form details would be different, so could they have form2 open up if they click the second product?

I know the simple solution would be to add form1 products to cart then when they fill in form2 that is then added to the cart then they pay for both products. But my client just want a simple payment at the end of the form and not go to a cart.

It may be something where the use of Gravity Forms Form Connector and its’ Update Fields step type could help you solve the issue. The user would have to submit the initial form, the update fields step would be configured to pull the values from Form 2 into form 1 and then a step with payment via Stripe or Paypal to complete the activity. With correct settings on the confirmation to redirect it may be perceived by the user as a seamless experience.

Alternatively - if you want to do it as a paginated form, a custom code solution would likely involve gform_page_loaded consuming data from the Gravity Rest API



Thank you Jamie, I will look into that.

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