Form with entries from one source/database?

Hello there!

I use gravity forms together with woocommerce since almost a year now.

I have a webshop with products, which can be configured by the customers, placed in the shopping cart and checked out.

So far, this worked pretty well.
But I have a lot of different materials and from time to time it changes, what I get from my retailers.
So far, I had to change every “material” entry inside every form respectively every product I have. But this is a looot of work.

The solution for this I had in mind was some kind of database.
So one source, maybe a list of some kind, witch all of my materials.
And every product/form I have should “look up” the materials in that list, as soon as the page loads.

I tried “nested forms” but this only worked with only one product in the shopping cart. As soon as there is a second product with the same nested form, the first one stops working (so no readable entry any more and no calculation before checkout).

Maybe there’s a plugin? Or a solution for my problem already built in, I couldn’t find?

For reference:
This is a link to a product, how I used the forms of gravity forms so far:
This is my try on the nested form (which doesn’t work well):

Thank you very much in advance!

Hey Florian, Gravity Forms Population Anything will make this a breeze. You could create a custom post type for your materials and then load them into any form field via the field settings added by Populate Anything. Here’s an example of what that might look like:

If you’d prefer to just have a custom WordPress table rather than creating a custom post type, you can load data into your fields from that source as well.


Hello, folks,

i have a similar problem. I am also using Gravity Form with WooCommerce and am looking for a way to use other WooCommerce products as an option.

It should be possible to change prices for product options once and the change will affect all products that use this option.

Is there a solution?

It sounds like this would also be possible with Gravity Forms Populate Anything. WooCommerce Products are just posts of a custom post type. Populate Anything can populate these product posts into most form fields and will automatically populate new products as they are added/modified.

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