Size, Colour and Quantity for Products


I have a form that I built already, but the amount of conditional logic I need to use is crazy and I need to swap it for each item.

What I am trying to do is build a form that will allow me to set a product price on my item, then have a form that allows me to select 1 or multiple colours. Based on the colours selected it will then pop up with S,M,L,XL for each of those colours and allow my users to enter a quantity of each.

It will then calculate the price based on the quantity x the product price - is this something I can build in Gravity forms with Perks or should I be looking to get something custom built?

Thanks in Advance


You could accomplish something like this using Populate Anything. We have an article that walks you through the setup.

Depending on how many products you’re trying to sell, you might want to look into WooCommerce instead of Gravity Forms. It has these features built-in and will be much easier if you are managing a lot of products.

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Hi Scott - I am selling quite a lot and already using woocommerce. What I have done is built forms into my products that I use currently.

Its mainly clothing, but my biggest issue I have currently is that in the forms i built, I can only have them select 1 colour and size when they buy more than 1. I’m trying to get it to work by having them select multiple colours and sizes but still do the calculations.

I’ve had a look at the populate anything (which I do have enabled) - but I’m not sure if it will do what I need.

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