Managing large number of forms for products add on [RESOLVED]


I have 2 use cases and wonder if this plugin is suitable.

  1. 80 - 100 forms as products add-ons.
  2. 1 single form as products add-on for 300+ products.

I don’t think there is an issue with creating the forms. My concern is the ability to manage and maintain them efficiently.

For use case #1
There are sections that will be the same for all forms. Will I be able to duplicate and edit these sections across all forms easily or I have to edit them individually for every form?

For use case #2
Do I have to insert the form manually and individually for every product?

Does this plugin work with built in woo commerce import/export?


I won’t address all of your questions but as a suggestion, I’d highly recommend you take a look at Bulk add fields add on

You can bulk duplicate fields in one form and add them to another. This will significantly cut down on your build time.

Hopefully someone else can chime in to offer some insights about woo commerce.

Thanks Derek. I checked out that plugin.

The bulk add works in a way that I can pull predefined fields into the form. However, it still means I have to go through every form to do so?

While I can bulk add the form fields, will any edit be automatically populated across all forms or I still have to add them manually?

That’s a question you’d need to reach out to the sloths about directly.

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Noted with thanks.


I don’t see any other suggestions on this, can I presume that the plugin is not suitable for my use cases natively?


Using Gravity Forms out of the box you need to edit each form individually. Or use a third-party solution like the one pointed by Derek.

Gravity Forms doesn’t has any built-in integration for WooCommerce. This is done by some third-party add-ons, you will want to ask the above questions to these plugins authors:

Thank you for weighing in.