Form answers to woocommerce?

I’m trying to accomplish the following, anybody knows if it is possible?

I’m making a formular, which based on the selections people make, will give 3 values.
It’s a calculator for interior decoration.
Here is an example:
The user says there is 100 square feet (m2) of floor, based on that, the user is told that he needs to buy:
2 kg of product 1
5 kg of product 2 and
10 kg of product 3.

Thats the easy part, no problem in setting that up.

What I then would like to do, is send the informations to Woocommerce, using the WooCommerce Gravity Forms add-on (or another plugin if that works better).

In woocoomerce I have product 1 in 1kg, product 2 in 5 kg and product 3 in 2 kg.

Then I would like to have the forms/woocomerce automatically do the following:
The forms says 2 kg of product 1, the product is sold as 1 kg, therefore I need 2 x product 1 (automatically added to the cart)
Product 2 is sold as 5 kg, then I need 1 x product 2 (automatically added to the cart)
Product 3 is sold as 2 kg, then I need 5 x product 3. (automatically added to the cart)

Is that possible???