Need form field to repeat multiple times

Hi Team,

We are using a registration form on our WordPress website with help of Gravity Forms which is interrelated with one of the custom post types. Each form field is linked with the custom post type title, description, Featured image, and its custom fields.

Existing functionality :

When users register in the form it will create a new user and create a new post in the backend based on the fields that were filled in the form.

New Functionality:

We need existing functionality the same as before but users need capabilities to create multiple posts while registering and updating the existing ones.

Note :

Please let us know how to achieve this new functionality using the same plugin or new add-on.

Thank you !!


Hello. We have your support ticket and will respond there. I will leave this topic open in case someone else has an idea of how to accomplish this. Thank you.

Thank you and waiting


Hi Evelyn,

Can you describe what would be different about the multiple posts you are seeking the single form to create or how to identify which post needs to be updated? Would it be a case of multiple feeds setup in Advanced Post Creation (APC) add-on along with some conditional logic of if/when they get executed?

For updating existing posts - the APC add-on doesn’t yet have a UI to let you pick which post(s) to update. Gravity Flow does improve a bit of this (see Using Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation add-on in a workflow - Gravity Flow) but it still requires that the same entry was used to create the entry in order to update it. There may be some code customizations that would allow you to work around this limitation which our support team would be happy to investigate with you if you reach out.


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