Gravity Forms + Custom Post Type

I can’t find anywhere that is it possible to update excisting post with gravity forms + custom post type add-on. I can nicely create new posts but i would just need to update current one.

I have custom fields (done with acf) there which would need to update daily with sending form where are new values…

Is it possible?

Hello Janne. Updating existing posts with a Gravity Forms form is not currently possible. It has been requested though. I recommend adding your comments as an additional vote, on our product roadmap:

That is not currently a feature of Gravity Forms. If you would like to suggest that for inclusion in the future, I recommend adding that to our product roadmap. Click the blue :heavy_plus_sign: in the lower left on this page to add a note for our product team:

Thank you.

Thank you for the quick answer. I found different kind of way to associate with acf-fields of post type on the front-end. So if anybody is looking for similar solution, this module could work (i’m using elementor):

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Nice - thank you for sharing that. I’m sure that will be helpful to many.

Hi Janne. If you have used the plugin to create your Custom Post Types, then you can use GravityView to edit them. The Advanced Post Creation add-on is not yet supported though.