Can Gravity Forms be used to update settings in Advanced Custom Fields?

I’m curious to know if there’s any way to create a form that could be placed on any post/page and upon submission would update information stored in ACF (Advanced Custom Fields). Is this possible? I’ve reviewed this Add-On/Plugin but it seems that it only works for number fields.

I’m looking for a way to edit the ACF data using a Gravity Forms form submission.

Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any built-in integration or support for ACF. The third-party add-on that you found seems to support multiple field types in both sides:

Any GF field compatible with string/number values should work. Tested GF fields: Single line text, Paragraph Text, Drop Down, Number, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Website, Email.

Any ACF field compatible with string/number values should work. Tested ACF fields: Text, Text Area, Number, Range, Email, Url, Password, Select, Checkbox, Radio Button, Button Group, True / False

I would recommend you to reach the author to confirm if it can fit your needs.

If the add-on doesn’t help, you would need to create your own custom code to get values from the submission and use ACF functions to save them. The following hook can be used to run code with access to the submitted data: gform_after_submission - Gravity Forms Documentation

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