Passing GF Field Data to ACF Custom Fields?


Is there a (simple-ish) solution to pass data entered into a GF field over to an ACF field on submit?

Use case; I have an onboarding form built with GF and I need to have the data sent over to a series of ACF fields in the ‘user’ post type upon submit. These fields are then displayed in the ‘my account’ section on the frontend.

Is this doable?

Happy to use Gravity WIZ.

Gravity Forms doesn’t include any built-in support for ACF, but maybe the following third-party add-on could help: ACF Feeds for Gravity Forms – WordPress plugin |

I’ve tried that this morning and, unfortunately, couldn’t get this to work as expected. The support seems non-existent too.

Then the alternative would be:

  1. Contact ACF support for advice on how to populate your custom fields using code.

  2. Once you have that part clear, you can use the following hook which runs after submission and gives you access to all the data submitted in $entry to run your ACF code to save the data: gform_after_submission - Gravity Forms Documentation

This documentation gives you also examples of how to get field values from $entry: Entry Object - Gravity Forms Documentation

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