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Good to know that the custom fields only show up in the dropdown after they have some content populated in them. That’s something that should be in the documentation. I currently have most of my custom content flowing from my Gravity Forms form into my custom post type with ACF fields. However the “Content” field, which is required in the post creation feed, isn’t passing its content to the correct custom field. In order to get the content I want into my custom content field I have to add it from the dropdown and then it works fine. But then what’s the point of the feed Content field and why is it required? What would I put in there if all my custom fields are populated from the dropdown custom fields?

Hello. Can you share a screenshot of your Post Creation feed?

Hi @chrishajer . Sure thing. This set up only worked after I added the book blurb custom field to the Custom Fields section at the bottom of the screen. Maybe there’s a way to tell Content (Required) to flow the GF merge tag to a custom field but I didn’t see it.

Hello. In your screenshot, you are inserting the value that was submitted to you in field 2 of the form, into the Post Content area. If you want to store what is submitted to you in field 2 in a custom field as well, that needs to be mapped in the custom fields below. If you have done that, everything should be correct, and that is the designed and correct usage. Does that help clarify things?

The idea is very much to insert the value submitted in field 2 into the form. However I’m using a custom post type with custom fields and I don’t see a way to insert that field value into my custom post without mapping to a custom field below, as you indicated. If there is no other way then it would seem the Content field that is required isn’t useful for a custom post type and maybe could be removed when a custom post type is the post type or else made non-required. Is there a way to map that value to a custom post type other than using the custom fields below that I missed?

To store the value in a custom field, you will need to map it, as you did. In some cases, people will add additional content to the custom post Content body: it’s not only for custom fields collected in the form, and may be used without any input from the form either. And using a field in the content body will not automatically store it in the custom field - the only way to do that, as you saw, is by mapping the custom field ‘below’. If I misunderstood the issue, please let me know.

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