How to display HTML values from ACF in Gravity Forms?


I am trying to display values from Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) in a Gravity Form with conditional fields.

I.e. when someone chooses value 1 in a dropdown (GF) it should display value A from ACF as HTML field in Gravity Forms. When someone chooses value 2 in a dropdown (GF) it should display value B from ACF as another HTML field in Gravity Forms.

How can I achieve this?

Thanks, Michael

Hi Michael,

This sounds like a good fit for GP Populate Anything. It can populate values from ACF into fields on your form.

Populating directly into HTML fields isn’t supported, but what you could do is populate from the ACF into some hidden Single Line Text fields. You could then use Live Merge Tags to display those values in your HTML fields.

You would then use conditional logic to show/hide the HTML fields based on the selection made in the Drop Down.

Feel free to reach out to Gravity Wiz Support if you run into any issues or have questions on how to put everything together.

Hi Scott,

thanks for your advice.

Speaking of the “GP Populate Anything” add-on… Can I create custom taxonomies with ACF and assign them in a Gravity Forms dropdown via this add-on?


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Hi Michael,

Yep! You can populate the custom taxonomies into a checkbox or multi-select field. You can then map that field to the custom taxonomies using the APC add-on. Rough example:

If you’re not creating new posts, but instead want to update existing posts, we have a snippet for that:


Ah, that’s great. Thanks for letting me know.

Best, Michael