Post Custom Field to ACF Field [RESOLVED]

Have an ACF plain text field, primary-color, in CPT (created with CPT UI).
In my GF I use the Post Custom Field, existing, and for custom field name GF see’s the custom field primary-color.

I select it, add form using shortcode to the single for the post type. But does not send the entered text to the custom field.
It actually creates reguar wordpress core draft posts.

Am I missing something here? Does GF’s Post Custom Field SEE and SHOWS ACF custom fields, but not enter the text into the custom field?

Post Custom Field is used to send posts to the ‘post’ post-type. If you want to create custom fields in other post types, you need to use Advanced Post Creation Add-on or Gravity Wiz’s excellent Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types which lets you use the Post Fields to write to other post-types than just ‘post’:

Try installing that plugin and set your post fields to your other post type created with CPTUI and see if that fixes the issue.

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Hey @jimtrue, sorry about the delayed thank you for replying (somehow I didn’t get email notification)! Yea, after tinkering around and finally finding in docs where it discusses CPTs created by other plugins etc. etc.

I did find this: Post Update Add-On – Gravity Forms – WordPress plugin | & ACF Feeds for Gravity Forms – WordPress plugin |
Which hasn’t been updated in AWHILE… but they actually still worked.

Definitely gonna swap this out for the Gravity Wiz one as that is kept updated.
Thanks again for the help.

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