Update current post with custom fields for peer-to-peer donation non profit


I’m really really desperate for some help with updating a post with gravity forms…

I have a peer-to-peer donation system build with gravity forms and custom post types. Most of it works pretty well: Visitors can enroll with their team > a new post is created for the team. On this team page (a custom post type) there is a new gravity form, which people can use to make a donation to the specific team. All good so far.

But I need to publish the donated amount with their name to this same team page. So i need a way to publish information from the gravity form, to the same post that the gravity form is shown on.

I hope this all makes sense and really hope someone can help me with this!
If something is not clear, please let me know!


Do you mean display information from entries submitted prior to the current form displayed on the post? Or do you mean display information from the current form displayed on the post?

Hey Ryan,

I mean display information from the current form displayed on the post.

So their is a post that has the information of the team, with a donation form on it. When somebody donates for this team i need to show the amount and name on this same post.

Thanks in advance!

Probably the nature of the project but it seems confusing…

See at first, I think you are wanting total amount that one person has donated, or the total amount that has been donated to the team. Which you could do by creating and updating the user or post meta.

Your followup makes it sound like you just want a confirmation page while or after you complete the form.

And if that is the case, have you checked out this GW plugin to see if it is what you need?

It then gives you this new option in your Confirmation

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Hey, sorry for the confusion.
What I want is option one. This is not about a confirmation page.

image the post with the team info. I would like a list with al the people that donated and the amount they donated.
So the form needs to update the post. (or it needs to add new information to it- if you will).

Is this what you mean with updating the post meta? And how would i do this?

(I already have a custom field setup in the post where I now manually add the information.)

Sure. Gravity View is a paid plugin that does what you want. It has conditional options to narrow down what is being filtered.

There is Gravity List, but I’ve never been able to get it to work for me, though maybe that’s changed.

If you want to do it manually, that will be a bunch of work using wordpress metas

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thanks for this tip.
Do you know if GravityView makes this possible with my system where there are multiple posts with the same form.

E.g. The same form on every team post >but it Needs to update only the post were the form is filled in?

I think you would need to get the advanced filtering add on to do this. But you could do something like this…

edit: and make a hidden field in the form that pulls the custom field

Is this advanced filter in combination with GravityView? Or is this a stand alone solution?

Thanks anyway guys! I can try out these things.


Combination with gravity view.

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ah i see now. Its a add on of the gravity view plugin :slight_smile: Thanks!

Sorry, forgot it was an add-on to GV. I use it for a few things and it works well. There are probably a couple exceptions. Also, you can create as many “Views” as you need to meet the varying situations.