User Registration Add-on Registration Conditions for LearnDash Courses

I would like to use Gravity Forms to register new users for LearnDash courses using the User Registration Add-On. The form is a placement test of sorts, and the goal would be for a cumulative score from the final form field to provide the registration condition to register the user in one of several courses. On the feed settings, the form field shows up for a registration condition, and the course show up in the LearnDash settings area. It seems like it should work, but regardless of the conditional logic, users are signed up for every course. Anyone have a way of doing this? Thanks!

It seems like this is an issue with the LearnDash Gravity Forms Add-On. I am testing with version 2.1.1, which I believe is the latest version and user registrations are assigned to all courses regardless of the selection in the feed settings.

Is that the same version you are using? If so, you will want to reach out to LearnDash support for assistance with this issue.